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Third trimester challenges

It’s hard to play the same and keep active the same after entering the third trimester. My belly is in the way on everything, my feet have begun to swell, my pelvis aches in the morning and I can’t breath especially when carrying Mateo.  It’s tough this part of the pregnancy. I taught my last Creative Movement class for the spring yesterday. It was fun. Two new students, but so tough, the being a mother and being a teacher at the same time. The teacher and the mother had to compromise and reach a middle ground; take care of Mateo’s needs enough but also keep class going at the same time.

I am finishing to write this post two weeks after I began: Now my pelvis can ache at anytime of the day, unpredictably. I can’t breathe when I am sitting unless my spine is completely lengthened, any relaxation and my diaphragm muscle is squished and I feel short of breath. Walking, I’m short of breath. It’s constant. My feet aren’t so bad if I can get off them periodically. Super tough to carry Mateo so he is riding the scooter a lot or I bring the stroller. I think at this point in the pregnancy the Ergo is only good for carrying him on my back.  At least with him on the scooter, Mateo gets lots of exercise and I can just pull the scooter when he gets tired. But we can still play on the playground equipment together and I can still do somersaults with him and some jumping, so that is good. He is having a hard time getting comfortable when he sits in my lap though. There is very little space left for him. Nature’s way of making the older one grow up before the next one arrives?