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Baby is born and I can move again!!!!

Mateo’s little sister was born one and half days ago and I can move again!  No more telling my first born that I am unable to do things because there is a belly in the way. I can now crawl through tunnels (which I haven’t yet), lie on my back and use my legs to fly my son like an airplane (which we did yesteray), and put him up on my shoulders so he can do a back flip to come down and he can just balance up there while I walk. It’s great!  Of course I’ll still have to modify and change things, but now more saying “I can’t” to my son, now it’s “let’s figure out how we can do this with your sister too”.


Scootercise with Purpose (one week until due date)

Saturday morning, 10 days before my due date I went for a jog. I’ve been doing this throughout the pregnancy (visit  for my activity log), but this time I decided to try something different: I would bring Mateo with me. He would ride his scooter while I ran. He has finally learned how to use the brake proficiently and listens (most of the time) when he is asked to stop or to slow down. I thought he would stay with me most of the time.

It worked really well, better than I expected actually. The pace was definitely not too fast for me, except on the down hills. The pace even ended up being a little slow in places. After 2 loops around Cadman Plaza Mateo was tired. He still did a third lap with me, I could have done another but he would not have been able to and he was so tired he almost fell apart, he wanted to go a different way and I wanted to get closer to home. But we chatted and then he went downhill to the playground (I ran down) and he played while I did pushups and pull ups. Not exactly pull ups, more of an equivalent exercise for the back muscles between the shoulder blades using my body weight while holding onto part of the playscape.

How will this work if we continue this? After I am no longer pregnant three loops at that pace will feel super slow and super easy. Mateo will get stronger and faster and maybe it will work out okay if I add in more interval training, jumping jacks and such, or I’ll just do that on my light days… And where will the newborn be?