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It’s been almost a year since my last post…

and I am still struggling to juggle work, the needs of two kids and exercise! Luckily I have an active life, but really it’s hard to do everything, especially meet my own needs. I have managed to exercise every now and again, and really the only way to do it seems to be to either incorporate my children or ignore them as they crawl over, under and through me. But really that is the best way to exercise, fun for them, fun for me and even though it takes a bit longer at least they will see that exercise is something that I enjoy doing!


New Year: New Headache interfering with exercise and children

Was planning on getting back to the blog, to fitness with the kids, instead I have a concussion…. Let’s hope I can at least dance with the kids tomorrow!

Baby is born and I can move again!!!!

Mateo’s little sister was born one and half days ago and I can move again!  No more telling my first born that I am unable to do things because there is a belly in the way. I can now crawl through tunnels (which I haven’t yet), lie on my back and use my legs to fly my son like an airplane (which we did yesteray), and put him up on my shoulders so he can do a back flip to come down and he can just balance up there while I walk. It’s great!  Of course I’ll still have to modify and change things, but now more saying “I can’t” to my son, now it’s “let’s figure out how we can do this with your sister too”.

Two months later…

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I last posted anything on my fitness adventures!

I’ve been having plenty of adventures, just too tired to write anything. That’s the problem with pregnancy and a preschooler. Just pregnancy or just a preschooler, I would have been able to still write, but both combined… no way.  The last three days the weather has been pleasant enough to spend lots of time at playgrounds. Playgrounds are not designed for parents and especially not designed for pregnant mothers to be able to play on with their children. All the running up slides and ducking under bars to go down the slides just does not work well with a 7 month big belly! (I don’t know if I’m 7 months, I’m 29 weeks tomorrow, but does the seventh month start the last trimester, it must. Otherwise the 9th month would begin on the due date and that doesn’t make any sense.)  I get winded so easily chasing Mateo around, I’m tired of always telling him I can’t do things because of my belly being too big. I can’t crawl through tunnels, let him climb all over me, I need to rest frequently. I can’t wait until I can do all those crazy things with him again, only where will the new one be????

I guess that is why baby wearing was invented: to facilitate movement with a baby.

Toddler Demands

On Sunday, (December 21) Winter Solstice, I was busy. Cooking brunch, dishes, laundry, wiping Mateo’s nose, cleaning. But mostly I was wiping Mateo’s nose. All morning all I heard every minute or two was “Kleenex!” He can wipe his own nose, but this time, being really sick he wanted me to do it, not Grammy who was visiting, not Papa, just Mama. so I did, over and over, while I also tried to get things done and meet all the other demands of juice, water, or just to hold him. 

Then came the time when my husband kept on calling me over to the computer where he was trying to look for Christmas gifts. He would call me over to look at whichever potential gift he found, then Mateo would call me back to the table where he was needing a kleenex or juice, kleenex again, more chips (tortilla chips, baked, not fried). Back adn forth I wnt lik a pin pong ball, over and over. Finally I gave up trying to meet both of thier demancds for my attention and I sate down on our table that holds our TV, from there Mateo could see me, which is what he really wanted. But he still called me, then my husband called me.

“Mama!” (As he looked towards the desk where his father sat.)

“My Honey!”


“My Honey!”

Back and forth, louder and louder. A new game had been born and I could sit and relax, while they hollered back and forth.

Without a running partner

Today I was in the park with Mateo and ran into my running partner. I have been feeling a bit guilty about not calling her when I have gone running the past few weekends, but I know I would not have been able to keep up with her due to this pregnancy. I didn’t tell her that was why I hadn’t called (I haven’t been sharing the fact that I’m pregnant with everyone I know, still waiting for the first trimester to be complete for that), instead I told her that my time of day was inconsistent (which is also true)…. Her reason was better: that she wants to sleep or read the newspaper with her free time. Good choice especially since she is caring for two little girls under the age of 2 1/2. She mentioned that she missed the activity though and I began to think about it. She is active in her life anyway so missing these morning runs won’t affect her health that much. Same with me, I lead a very active lifestyle even without my added running or workouts. And that is the point, the goal in life, to be active. It’s not just about exercising for an hour three or four times a week. It’s about being physically active on a daily basis: to create an active life. Then if you miss a workout, it doesn’t matter so much, well to the mental health maybe, but not the physical health, not so much.  And sometimes taking time to sleep or read the newspaper is also very important for the mental health.

First entry!

So, this is my new blog. I am just figuring out how this works, so bear with me while I get things up and running here.

Attempting to do pushups with 25 extra pounds of toddler.

Attempting to do pushups with 25 extra pounds of toddler.