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Why I Need To Be More (in shape that is)

I don’t like to tell my kids that I can’t do something because I am tired, or aching, or any other excuse, yet in the past year (or two) I have been saying this more and more. The worst thing is for my three year old to start imitating me saying “I can’t do that, my back hurts” or ” I can’t, my leg hurts” or “I’m too tired” when she is perfect health and just woke from a nap. Definitely not the example I wish to set! I need to have all my parts working again. Yes, I would be happy to lose 5 pounds to get back to my pre-children weight, but its the quality of life issue. Even more important is the example I set for my children. I want to be able to play with my children, to be their horse, their slide, tunnel, or bridge, or to take them for a ride on my airplane legs, to allow them to stand on my shoulders and do back flips to the floor! It’s fun to play with them in a physical manner and they still need the physical closeness with their mother. That is the best motivation to give my body the extra time and attention it needs to become strong again.


Super-storm Sandy, Super Wrestling, and Super Heroes

There was very little official exercise happening during the super-storm in our apartment. The only excuse I have is that I was suffering from a cold and feeling that I really needed some rest, and well, there was a hurricane blowing over us. My kids were active in our relatively small apartment. Handstand competitions, races were held along with somersaulting on my bed, but mostly a whole lot of wrestling. Although the wrestling episodes would frequently contain a bruised nose, knee, head or elbow, after a kiss from me the wrestling would recommence. Watching them I was reminded of how important physical closeness is and how wonderful it is that siblings can be close in this physical way. Additional bonus: wrestling requires the use of all the muscles in the body, especially the muscles for deep laughter.

Super Hero!

Halloween being on the other side of the hurricane, left us ready to get out and see the world, with a bit more vigor than usual. Lots of walking to get to the local Halloween festivities in Fort Greene. Followed by a good walk home carrying my three year old on my shoulders. Then the real exercise began: the super hero (the Green Lantern) led the way. My 3 year old clown, following her brother, the super hero’s example, walked from the third floor of our building all the way up to the 16th floor in the quest for treats (no 13th floor), and again from the 17th to the 24th floor with me trailing behind them. While my son continued up from the 25th to the 30th floor under his own steam, I did carry the three year old and her 3 pounds of candy. (In case you didn’t do the math: that was 19 flights of stairs for a 3 year old and 24 for the 6 year old. That’s a lot! ) I would have preferred the elevator, but really this was a much better way to ascend our building. We burned a few calories before consuming excessively!