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Two months later…

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since I last posted anything on my fitness adventures!

I’ve been having plenty of adventures, just too tired to write anything. That’s the problem with pregnancy and a preschooler. Just pregnancy or just a preschooler, I would have been able to still write, but both combined… no way.  The last three days the weather has been pleasant enough to spend lots of time at playgrounds. Playgrounds are not designed for parents and especially not designed for pregnant mothers to be able to play on with their children. All the running up slides and ducking under bars to go down the slides just does not work well with a 7 month big belly! (I don’t know if I’m 7 months, I’m 29 weeks tomorrow, but does the seventh month start the last trimester, it must. Otherwise the 9th month would begin on the due date and that doesn’t make any sense.)  I get winded so easily chasing Mateo around, I’m tired of always telling him I can’t do things because of my belly being too big. I can’t crawl through tunnels, let him climb all over me, I need to rest frequently. I can’t wait until I can do all those crazy things with him again, only where will the new one be????

I guess that is why baby wearing was invented: to facilitate movement with a baby.