Does playing trains count as exercise?

So, my son woke up from his nap and we sat for a bit as he likes to do as he wakes up, then he wanted to play train. So we started to play train about 15 minutes into playing train on the floor I realized my arms were tired!  Was it from playing train or from pushing the swing in the park? Probably both.

Mateo trains

Mateo trains

25 minutes of crawling, crab crawling, lifting my body up and over train tracks, supporting my full body weight on one arm and a knee and general maneuvaring of my body in and out of a train track, I was exhausted. Mateo’s is getting great exercise too! I collapsed on the floor to rest and put my feet up the wall and suggested that we read a book. What better way to rest is there than to sit and read?


Mateo stepped over me and choose a book from the bookshelf: Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton. So much for my plan to rest. Instead we pranced like a horse, scrambled with the little chicks, leaped like a frog, and promenaded by two! 


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