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Father and Son


Today, after spending the morning cleaning, I carried the scooter for 2 hours around Fort Greene Park.  At one point I was carrying my son and the scooter, since he refused to walk up a hill; I guess the hill would look very large from the height of 33 inches. Part of the time I chased my son while he chased a ball. The ball would roll down the hill as he intended it too, but then a kind citizen would stop and catch the ball and hand it to Mateo, he would then do it again, because he really wanted the ball to roll far and all those people kept on thwarting his plans. His father, Guillermo, was playing tennis. Then 5:45 arrived and with it my time to rest, while Mateo and Guillermo played tennis together. Mateo was really too tired, but he wanted to play with Papa. 

I think Mateo’s tennis skills are amazing, unbelievably amazing for a two year old. Of course I am his mother and, as such, I am biased, but his hand eye-coordination really is quite good. He spends so much of his time being active with me, I really enjoy having the opportunity to step back and watch his father and him play together, tennis or anything really. I like being able to sit back and enjoy the way they have such a great time playing together. 

I remember when Mateo was much smaller, Guillermo world turn on the music, loud, and dance and jump around the apartment while holding a younger Mateo: supporting his bottom with one hand and holding his hand with the other. Around and around they would go. Laughing and smiling until Guillermo was too tired to do any more, but Mateo would insist and they would dance some more. I was usually busy cleaning or doing dishes while they did this, but I would always watch and enjoy their enjoyment. They did it again this weekend, Mateo didn’t want to, he was busy playing with his marble maze, but once they began, they kept on going and having a great time, marble maze forgotten.  

Guillermo and Mateo dancing

Guillermo and Mateo dancing


Before I had started teaching the Sling Your Baby dance class, it was actually Guillermo and Mateo who did most of the dancing around the apartment. I was just too tired to move mostly, so in many ways the idea for the class came from watching them together and seeing how much of a workout it can be to dance and move while carrying a 15 pound baby, and it’s so much more fun than traditional exercise; your exercise partner is right there with you from his (or her) birth.